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As seen on “Hamilton’s America” on PBS!

Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir? Yes, this is Aaron Burr, at least in the Hamilton musical interpretation that we all know and love! He’s the damn fool who shot Alexander Hamilton (hey, his words, not mine!) but man, what a voice!

Who knew a biography of one of the founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton would become a hit Broadway musical? One guy, Lin-Manuel Miranda did I guess. Now it’s winning all the awards and it’s sold out for months.

Crochet A.Burr for a Broadway buff or history lover. The pattern has lots of pictures.

Doll stands approximately 11” tall when complete.

Pattern may be used to make completed items to sell as long as credit is given to “Allison Hoffman,”

Look for the rest of my Hamilton-inspired patterns: Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and The Schuyler Sisters, including Angelica, Eliza, AND PEGGY! Want them all? Look for the Hamilton Amigurumi Set, now available!

CraftyisCool patterns may be used to make limited items for sale, as long as credit is given to “Allison Hoffman,”, including in online listings. Pattern may not be shared, posted online, or resold.


Aaron Burr Amigurumi Pattern

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