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About Me

I started crocheting in 2007. I saw amigurumi online and sort of freaked out. I wanted to make it! I'd done lots of other crafts: scrapbooking, cross stitch, embroidery, and knitting, but I fell in love with the little creatures you could make with yarn and a crochet hook. After teaching myself on YouTube, I bought lots of crochet books and started trying to design my own. I wanted to make people dolls, and I couldn't find many patterns out there at all, so I crocheted my first human doll, Conan O'Brien. The rest is history. I've had a lot of fun meeting some really cool people, have written some books, and am always looking for my next challenging project!


Contact Me

Allison Hoffman, PO Box 352,

Manchaca, TX 78652 |  

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